Snow goose hunting NY

Snow goose and duck hunting guided waterfowl hunting in NY

To  all  fellow  waterfowl  hunters snow goose hunting NY or snow goose hunting Maryland.  Face  it,  We  are  obsessed.  We are  nothing  but  pure  adrenaline  junkies looking for our next fix. OK, so we all certainly enjoy goose hunting and duck hunting. Cupped wings of any kind of waterfowl gets our hearts pumping. If you have never been snow goose hunting then you truthfully have not lived. Snow goose hunting done in fields is as thrilling as it gets. All of our snow  goose hunts involve hundreds if not thousands of snow geese falling in the decoys from a point of view that very few humans ever experience. Call Joe now to get set up for a snow goose hunting experience like no other. Snow goose hunts are done mostly in MD, DE & NY. One state being as great as the other. P.S. You ain’t getting any younger. We cater to disabled Veterans and the elderly especially. They desire our attention.

Snow Goose Hunting NY

Snow Goose Hunting NY

In addition to regular snow goose hunting NY seasons in each waterfowl hunting zone, waterfowl hunters in New York will have a special opportunity to harvest snow geese in most areas of the state, excluding Long Island.

In 2009, DEC implemented a “Conservation Order” for snow geese. A Conservation Order is a special management action authorized by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act to control certain wildlife populations when traditional management programs are unsuccessful in preventing overabundance. Federal and state regulations were amended in fall 2008 to allow this additional harvest of snow geese in response to concerns about their growing numbers across North America (see “Links Leaving DEC’s Website” in the right-hand column).

Populations of snow geese, also referred to as “light geese” because of their white plumage, have grown to historic highs. The overabundance of light geese, which nest in far northern regions of North America, is harming their fragile arctic breeding habitat. The damage to the habitat is, in turn, harming the health of the light geese and other bird species that depend on the tundra habitat. Returning the light goose population to sustainable levels is necessary to protect this delicate habitat, and every species dependent on it. Large numbers of snow geese feeding on natural vegetation can also destroy large areas of coastal marshland during migration and winter. Serious damage to agricultural crops, such as hay, winter wheat, barley and rye, occurs on migration and wintering areas as well.

Snow goose hunting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding types of waterfowl hunting. Areas where large numbers of snow geese occur at this time of year include the Finger Lakes region, the St. Lawrence Valley, and the upper Hudson and Champlain Valley regions. A special season was not implemented on Long Island, because relatively few snow geese occur in huntable areas there during the spring. To help increase your chances for success, call right now Expert Joe Austin.

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